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As a consumer in the credit crunch, there are laws in place to protect you. We understand the credit bureaus’ system and use that system to your advantage. In return, this can save you time effort and money. Persistence, execution and following down the right strategic path will generate results during your credit audit. Our services handle all the work for you and we make sure your credit reports are free from unverifiable, untimely and inaccurate data. When your credit report is 100% Accurate, 100% Verifiable and reporting 100% Timely Data, this will lead to higher credit scores and better approval ratio’s for borrowing credit.

Are You Ready To Purchase Your Brand New Home…

$0 Down + $0 TOTAL MOVE IS STILL AVAILABLE. and affiliates offer first time home buyer programs for all. There are several different programs featuring 100% financing with no income restrictions and the credit score requirement of only 600. A first time home buyer can get money or a grant through these programs, which are currently in the range of 8.5% to 6%, of the loan amount or purchase price toward their new home. This money is used to pay for a down payment and closing costs and can really help aide those who don’t have a lot in savings and really want to purchase a home. Also, there are bond programs which offer a discount on Mortgage Rate. The current rate range is 2.99% to 4.35% on zero down payment loans such as My Community and Flex 100, as well as FHA (Federal Housing Administration), VA (Veteran Administration),(TDHC) and USDA (United States Department Agriculture) loans.